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My Story

So, I suppose a little background would be in order here 🙂 Everyone has a story. All the events that lead you to the place you are in life. I love to hear stories of how people got to today. While I don’t have time to give my entire life story (not that you’d want to hear it anyway!), I’ll give you the shortened version of how I came to Gigi Hill story. I’ll try to keep it short, anyway (never one of my strong suits).

Full time mom of 3… that’s my primary job. Most important one. Two years ago I started an online magazine and website for local families. Fun..yes. Crazy a lot of hours..yes. Let’s just say between running my business and my family there’s very little time for much else. Now let’s go back a bit…as a stay at home mom, I’ve done direct sales a small handful of times before. Never very successfully. I’ve signed up before as a hobbyist, as a lover of the product, and as a way to make some extra money. They were fun, I did make some extra money, but mostly ended up with a lot of inventory. By the end of it, I swore I would never get involved in direct selling. BUT, I had learned a lot along the way about the industry and some key similarities to the ‘successful’ consultants.

With my current business, my ‘real’ job 🙂 I work with a lot of local businesses, non profit groups, and families. I’ve gotten to know many moms involved in direct sales with several network marketing companies. My business gets a great deal of exposure, and I can’t count how many times I’ve been approached to sign up as a consultant for different products. It has been a very easy answer each time for me. There’s no way with my schedule that I had time to take on anything else. Least of which something I’d promised never to get into again. That was until I discovered Gigi Hill.

A friend of mine had been involved in a handbag company for over a year with a lot of success. I hadn’t actually ever been to one of her parties before, as we live a ways away from each other. I finally saw her and noticed her handbag. I asked her if this was the company she worked for. She told me yes, and about their amazing line of fashionable yet functionable hand bags and the pocket design on the inside of all the bags. I asked her a couple questions about it, and found out she was the #28 person to sign up. 28!!! It doesn’t get any more groundfloor than that. She had quit her job, was really happy and her earnings were really beginning to roll in.

The next week, I obsessed over Gigi Hill. I researched like a crazy person. Called my girlfriend up and demanded she tell me every detail. By the end of it all, I told her “I HAVE to be involved in this.” Now, being friends… she pointed out my previous promise, the requirements and hectic schedule of my current job and seriously pointed out that she wasn’t lobbying me in any way to be a consultant.

I went home and stewed again for another couple weeks. I bounced the idea off my best friend who told me I was crazy, but looked at the bags and my research and agreed it was something I should do! She was excited, too!

With each learning step along the way, I’ll share a snippet of elements required in a consultants’s success with direct sales (I’m almost done, I promise!)

  • Do they have an amazing, wanted product? Absolutely! Mom’s are always carrying stuff for their kids, regardless of age. These bags have so many organizing pockets, come in fabulous fabrics..even wipeable. So easy to keep clean! Mom’s are always asking me where I got my bag.
  • Are you getting in early? 28..need I say more?? While there are some companies that I will buy their product forever because I love it, I would never sign up with them because they have hundreds of thousands of reps on every corner. Gigi Hill still has less than 500 stylists nationwide. It really doesn’t get any more ground floor than that!
  • Web presence? Can you buy their product on the internet and can consultants have their own ‘replicated’ site? I’ve found that it’s crucial to have the ability to have a web presence. Gigi Hill does have this feature and it’s only $10 a month.
  • Support This is a company that truly sets its stylists up for success. They have amazing training and support, great incentives for both the stylists and the customers. The founders really listen to the feedback of its consultants. This is definitely a company that has already received great media attention and has a solid foundation. They are poised for amazing growth.

Basically, I was done. I felt like this was something I HAD to do. The rest, they say is history!


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Kids and Fashion

I love my kids. More than anything. BUT. Kids and fashion (my fashion anyway) just do not mix. I think all mom’s remember the infant years of throw up on your shirt just as you’re about to walk out the door. The toddler years for me meant stains right about thigh-level of my pants most days. There is still a certain level of ‘dirtyness’ if you will that goes along with my wardrobe today that’s attributed to my offspring.

Today’s scenario: an upcoming meeting for me. Dressed up, hair done, make up on. Ready to rock it. Then would be the point my kids come in close proximity. Here comes the juice spill. Directly on my handbag. My Gigi Hill Grace with Willow fabric. Now the old me would have completely freaked out. We were far from the house, no chance at changing bags. But the new me… the one with the Gigi Hill laminated bag grabbed the wipes and went to town! OK, so I still freaked a bit 🙂 But it wiped completely clean, no sticky juice left anywhere! Next time, because I know with my kids there WILL be a next time…not even one little bit of freakedness! One more reason why I stinkin’ LOVE THESE BAGS!!

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Phase 2 of the L'Auberge Collection

Oooohh… so exciting! Some fabulous new fabrics and gorgeous additions to the L’Auberge Collection. The Phase 2 release date is April 15..can’t wait. Watch this short video for the new additions (turn on your speakers.) Is it crazy that I’m like a kid in a candy store wanting one of everything???

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The Signature Pocket Design

Open a Gigi Hill Bag to find a fully lined interior with complementary fabrics. The Gigi Hill signature pocket design ensures there is a pocket for everything. Designed for items like your cell phone or pda, we’ve also included pockets for water bottles, sunglasses, pens, and other essentials like your favorite lipstick! The inside secured zipper pocket gives you extra privacy and with the key fob you will always find your keys in an instant. The bottom support allows the bag to sit-up nicely.

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Timing is Everything…Are you ready?

Whether you are curious about Gigi Hill, are a customer invited to an event or interested in learning more about the business opportunity, thank you for stopping by!

Gigi Hill is a brand new exciting direct sales company geared for tremendous growth!

Our products are all about fabric, function and style.  They are made of the highest quality workmanship.  We exclusively design our products to keep you organized while bridging the gap where fashion and function collide.

With our Signature Pocket Design, you always have a place to put your cell phone, keys, sunglasses, lipsticks and more, making things easy to find.

We are currently looking for launching Hostesses to help us get the Gigi Hill brand and name out there. Our hostess program is amazing…. you will earn many great Gigi Hill products for FREE and 1/2 Price just for having a few friends over for a fun night out!

If you LOVE handbags and LOVE making money….. then join our team and family of Stylists!  We are seeking launching Stylists and 50 Founding Leaders to launch Gigi Hill Nationwide.  Imagine the possibilities….. being one of the firsts with a brand new company…..Imagine where you and your paycheck will be 1 year, 5 years or 10 years from now!  It is truly an amazing Ground Floor Opportunity!

By working approximatley 10 – 15 hours a week you could earn around $1,500 – $2,000 per month! Not bad for being a “bag lady”!

If you have futher questions about making a purchase, hosting a Gigi Hill Event or learning more about our business opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me at 562-458-0457 ~ ~

Live it!  Love it!

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Gigi Hill Business Opportunity Meeting Calls

Want to learn more about the ground floor Gigi Hill business opportunity?

Would you like to be one of the first 500 Stylists nationwide or one of the first 50 Founding Style leaders? Are you intrigued by the idea of starting your own business?

Join our monthly, no-obligation Gigi Hill Opportunity Meeting Call to learn more!
Participate, via webinar, the 1st Tuesday of each month
beginning at 7 pm Pacific/9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern
Hear the Gigi Hill story
Ask questions
Learn about this fun, no-risk, low-investment business
Get the inside scoop from Gigi Hill’s existing Stylists
Check us out, with no obligation, no pressure
To join the webinar the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7 pm Pacific:
Provide your name and e-mail address
Call (516) 453-0014
Enter access code 451081804 followed by #

Note: Please ignore the access code you see on the screen and do not enter a pin if one is requested.
You must use the credentials listed above to join our webinar.

Privacy Notice: We respect your privacy and protect your e-mail address as we would our own. Gigi Hill does NOT compile lists of our Business Opportunity Meeting attendees. Your e-mail address is used
solely to identify you as a participant during the webinar. We will not contact you following your participation in this Meeting. If you would like more information after participating, email me at or give me a call at 562.458.0457.

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The New L'Auberge Collection!

Click on the link below To watch a short presentation and learn more about L’Auberge:
You can cut and copy this into your user bar.

This Sneak Peek is the first introduction of L’Auberge and many more pieces will follow over the next few months. L’Auberge is the perfect opportunity to showcase our new pieces and highlight how they work with your current Gigi Hill Collection.

You can also check out the new collection in our printed Look Book by clicking here.

To order, or find out more visit

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Live Smart, Live Stylish, Live Gigi Hill!

Join Gigi Hill for an opportunity to be one of our 20 Founding Leaders and our first 500 Stylists nationwide! In our first year, we are surpassing our expectations and have created incredible momentum! Start today to be ready for the busy season! It all began when two moms met on a soccer field and decided that there had to be a better bag for a mom’s everyday life. Gabrielle DeSantis-Cummings and Monica Hillman both desired to have a high-quality, stylish bag that offered the functionality necessary in today’s fast-paced world, so they decided to join forces and create Gigi Hill. The result, an amazing business opportunity where Stylists can earn 25% plus on personal sales, 100% paid for generous Hostess benefits, and shipping direct to the hostess. Keep your earnings in your pocket! Don’t wait for commission checks when you get paid at the party and send them the difference. Become a Founding Leader and earn additional lifestyle income. We have a fit for every level of business owner. Call today to be part of our incredible team! Discover what you can do!

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900% Growth in 2009!

Here’s a great interview with Monica from Sylvina Consulting…

An interview with Gigi Hill Bags President, Monica Hillman

Q:  How long has your company been in business?

A:  We created our LLC in October, 2005 and began selling our products the next summer.

Q:  What types of products or services do you sell?

A:  Handbags, carryalls, and accessories.

Q:  How is your home party experience different from others?

A:  One of the things we do is to have open houses where you can come in, shop, and go.  The presentation is done when the group is at its height.  Guests feel at ease because they don’t need to sit down and listen to a long speech.  An open house is about two hours long.

Q:  What words of advice do you give to new independent representatives of your company?

A:  It’s all about the story.  Our consultants can share the company’s story before they have one of their own to share.  We encourage them to share stories on how the product helps customers everyday to keep their lives a little more organized.

Q:  If you were to travel back in time to the point when you decided to create a direct selling company, and you could give yourself one piece of advice, what would that be?

A:  Dig deeper when talking with software suppliers.  Had we known what we know now, we would have chosen differently.  Bring somebody in who knows the software industry who can help you navigate the waters.  I wish we had done that.

Q:  Why do you think you are successful in this economy?

A:  We’re successful because our products have good price points and great value.  They are high quality, stylish, functional products that are priced affordably ($17 to $250).  The average price of an item is about $60.

A:  Have you seen any recent changes in sales volumes?

A:  For the first few years, we were in 5 states with only 10 consultants.  Then, we chose to find an investor to fund the company for growth.  He gave us the resources to manufacture our products in China, to obtain software, and to launch nationally.  As a result, we increased our sales by 900% from last year.  We went from 30 stylists in February 2009 to over 300 stylists today.

Q:  In how many states do you currently have independent reps?

A:  We have reps in 42 states.

Q:  How do you keep your consultants motivated?

A:  Really, what motivates a lot of them is that we offer a ground-floor opportunity.  They are getting in when our company is small and that is what keeps them going.  They have a voice in the company.

Q:  What makes you stand out as a direct selling company?

A:  Our passion for the product and the enthusiasm that our stylists have, the quality and commitment to excellence.

Q:  Who do you admire in the direct selling community?  Why?

A:  We admire so many people.  Doris Christopher (The Pampered Chef) started her company at her kitchen table with nothing, just like we did.

Q:  Did you or do you have a mentor?

A:  We don’t have a specific mentor that we work with.  We look for inspiration from many people and other resources, like good books.

Q:  How do you encourage positive thinking in your company and your sales force?

A:  It’s just our company culture.  We live it.  Our consultants see us as busy women who are running a company and that sets the foundation.

Q:  Do you think your products are luxury items?

A:  No, I don’t.

Q:  Why do you think direct sales does so well in this economy as compared to retail?

A:  Because there are more people out there looking for income, so there are more people selling your products.

Q:  What did you do to grow 900% in 2009?

A:  We very strategically planned a national launch for the beginning of 2009. This included making sure we had the inventory and the infrastructure to support our projected growth.

Q:  What would you like your company to look like 5 years from now?

A:  In 5 years, we will be a leader in the direct sales industry with significant brand awareness and making a difference in people’s lives.

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Soooo excited!

Got my showcase, picked out my favorite bag, pouring through the new stylist guide…I’m so stinkin’ excited about this company! I absolutely LOVE the handbag styles, fabric choices and opportunities to spread the joy! I can’t wait to share it all with every one of you…one more crazy work week at my ‘real’ job, and once our big event is over, I get to spend more time with Gigi Hill. Yay!! So, sleep tight my friends..I’ll be back!

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